• Information Security@NJUPT (2018.8 ~ )
  • (Intern) Blockchain Security Engineer@chaitin (2020.4 ~ 2020.8)
  • (Intern) Security Researcher@secwx (2021.1 ~ 2021.2)
  • (Intern) Security Researcher@Tencent (2021.6 ~ )
  • 4w5 /INFJ-A



soreatu (at) gmail (dot) com


Life is once, seize the day!


Most importantly, DEF CON is a symbol. It is a statement that hacking is not only cool, not only competitive, not only hard, but also possible and inspiring. Despite their mythical status, these elite hackers are not gods, able to solve problem simply by glancing at them. They make it to DEF CON CTF because they put in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tear to develop the skills and, more importantly, the knowledge necessary to hack at the highest of levels. (from OOO Philosophy )

Keep in mind that learning is not a straight process. You’ll find yourself going back and forth around a single concept to grasp it correctly. (from How do I read Bitcoin source code? - Quora )

True mastery of a subject is achieved when you can explain it simply. (from NP Complexity )

You can either be the first paper on the project, or the best written one, or the last one.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.